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 Memoir Book Coaching

Who is this for? 

If you want to write your memoir on your own, with the help of a professional writer who will keep you on track and provide guidance and feedback along the way (and more, depending on the package you choose) this is the right service for you.

I have written multiple books for others, and I know how to guide you through the obstacles you’ll face along the way.


This will work for you if—


  • You have roughly 3-5 hours per month to work on your book

  • You are open to constructive criticism and guidance

  • You are consistent with your writing

  • You do not lead an overly hectic life

  • You show up consistently to our coaching calls

How Does It Work?




We discuss the overall vision of your book and why you’re writing it. I will conduct interviews with you that will help to build the outline for your book. This usually takes 3-4 one-hour sessions over the course of a month or so. (These interviews won't count against our coaching sessions) Using the outline, you’ll begin working on your book.


Sending in Your Work


Once you’re done with the writing, you’ll send it to me. I read over it, then we have a coaching call—typically once per month.


Coaching Calls and Feedback


The day before our call, you’ll be given written feedback on your writing. During the call, we’ll talk in more detail about what you’re doing well, what you need to do less of, and what to do for the next writing installment. This is also the time to bring up questions and concerns.


Publishing Help


If you’ve chosen extra services such as formatting and cover design, those will be taken care of once the writing is done.

 Memoir Book Coaching Packages


Best if you want to publish your book on Amazon


  • Timeframe: 36 months Twenty-four 1-hour sessions (Zoom or phone) Help with the outline/overall vision for your book

  • Target of approx. 200 pages/60,000 words (publishable length)

  • Proofreading

  • Full editing services, including line-by-line editing

  • Developmental editing (“big picture”)

  • Formatting for pictures

  • Formatting for Amazon

  • Cover design

  • Self-published on Amazon  

Price: $9897



Best if you want a longer book for family use


  • Time frame: 30 months

  • Target of 200 pages/60,000 words (typical length of publishable memoir)

  • Help with the outline and overall vision for your book

  • Twelve 1-hour sessions over (Zoom or phone)

  • Basic editing (proofreading to catch mistakes)

  • 1-on-1 custom feedback for your book

  • Requires you to have 2,500 words written prior to each session

  • Cover design

  • Formatting for hardcover

Price: $7297


Best if you want your book for family use only--no publication

  • Time frame: 18 months

  • Target of 50-100 pages/20,000-40,000 words (about half the length of a typical published memoir)

  • Help with the outline and overall vision for your book

  • Twelve 1-hour sessions over (Zoom or phone)

  • General feedback for your book (no editing) 

  • Requires you to have 2,500 words written prior to each session


Price: $4997



  • 1 hour session (Zoom/phone)

  • Basic proofreading to catch minor typos

  • 1-on-1 custom feedback for your writing

  • Contact me if you want to add more services to this a la carte coaching session


Price: $749 per session



Do you offer a guarantee?


I guarantee that I will do everything in my power to help you finish your book within the allotted time.


I will serve as your accountability partner to keep you on track and provide feedback and guidance, but I cannot make you write or show up to the coaching sessions. If you want me to take the writing off your plate, look into my Done-for-You/ghostwriting service.


This coaching service is intended for people who are serious about writing their memoirs and want to see results.

What if an emergency comes up and I need to take some time off?


If you need to take some time off, no problem. The time frames for each coaching package allow for holidays and unexpected emergencies and distractions. We’ll pick it up again as soon as you’re ready.

Can I make payments, or do you only accept up-front payments?


I only accept up-front payments for this service because this creates an incentive for you to make time for the writing and our coaching calls. Part of my job is to motivate you to do the work, but I can’t help you if you don’t write.


I offer financing through PayPal for up to 24 months.

How do you deliver feedback on my writing?


There are plenty of software options out there we can use, but the default will be basic email.


You will email your work to me, and I’ll email the feedback to you after each session after we’ve talked about the feedback. If you are comfortable using Google Docs or other word-processing software, let me know.

Will you meet with me face-to-face?


If you are within an hour or so of Statesboro, GA, then yes. If you are outside of my local area, I will meet with you in person for the initial interview for the outline of your book, for an additional cost.

What if I want a book that’s longer than 200 pages, or shorter than 100 pages?


If your book is too long, people won’t read it—even if it’s your own family. If it’s too short, people will feel like it’s incomplete. If you have a compelling reason for wanting a custom-length book, contact me.

Do you accept a percentage of royalties instead of payment?


I don’t control how your book is marketed, or if it’s marketed at all. Because of this, I’m not able to work on a percentage of royalties.

Can my book be about a family member that has passed away?


As long as you have all the information you need, then yes. Let me know your particular situation during your initial, free consultation.

How much time per month will this take?


Expect to put in around 2.5 to 5 hours per month for the writing and coaching calls.

What if I need multiple coaching calls per month?


You are allotted a certain number of coaching calls. If you haven’t turned in any work, we don’t set up a coaching call. If you write a lot in one month and need multiple coaching calls, we can do that.


Do the coaching calls fall on set days every time?


At the beginning of the project, we will set up recurring days for our coaching calls, but the day/time can be moved to best accommodate you. You will have my email and phone number, and I will reply to you within 24 hours regarding a change of day for our coaching calls.

What are your credentials? 

Former client's book, published through Trilogy Christian Publishing (TBN)


And God Said, "No!"

by T.J. Padgett


Preview the book (with my name on the title page) here.

  • B.A. Creative Writing, Georgia Southern University

  • Taught Creative Writing and English

  • Ghostwriting, book coaching, and editing since 2017

  • Memoir Writing Teacher, Averitt Center for the Arts, Statesboro, Georgia

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